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  • How big does my garden have to be to hire a bell tent?
    If you want to hire the 4m bell tent then you will need 6m diameter of space and for the 5m bell tent it will need a 7m diameter on grass.
  • Can you set up on artificial grass or paving?
    Unfortunately, as we need to secure the tent to ensure absolute safety of our clients, we are unable to set up our Bell Tents on paving. Artificial grass is a great surface however, the tent pegs pierce the ground so not ideal if you want to maintain your artifical space!
  • Are animals allowed in the tents?
    We do not allow animals inside the tents in case of damages, soiling and allergies for future clients!
  • Are we allowed to smoke in the tent?
    Strictly no smoking inside the tent.
  • Are we allowed shoes on whilst in the tents?
    Please do not wear shoes inside the tent if it has been raining, we will provide a basket for them at the entrance.
  • How can I make a booking?
    Please contact us via our email address which is or alternatively call 07832 364 006 for more information.
  • Can I cancel a booking?
    You can cancel your booking free of charge 24 hours after it has been made, after 24 hours a 50% of the booking fee will be taken.
  • Do you deliver to my area?
    We operate within a 10 mile radius of SL5 9FE, outside of this area we charge an additional £0.60 for every mile covered. We are happy to travel as far as needed in order to create beautiful experiences!
  • What if the tent gets damaged during the party/ sleepover?
    Our Bell Tents are pretty robust, but they will get damaged if care isn't taken when using them! Please do not swing on any of the poles or fiddle with the ropes that hold the tent up. Any damage to any of the equipment will be taken as an additional cost from the refundable damage deposit.
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