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Infinity & Beyond


Immerse yourself in an experience that is sure to ignite your senses and warm your hearts. This relaxed, natural theme transports you to a romantic destination, inspired by the stars, it’s a date night you’ll never forget!

What's Included?​

We provide a beautiful intimate dining setting for two, our rustic low-rise tables are styled with handpicked tableware, natural centrepieces and a whimsical indoor teepee to frame your space - all you need to provide is your 'plus one' and the food & drinks.

To make it even more special, indulge in a rich hot chocolate basket with a variety of luxurious toppings to choose from. It will make your romantic evening even more delicious.



We also work with some wonderful chefs who can provide you with exceptional restaurant quality food and drink options to make your date night one to remember. Contact Us for more information on this.

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