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Our Story

The Bell Tent Experience is a small family run, event hire, planning and styling business based in Ascot, Berkshire. In August 2020, the mother-daughter team of Gail & Lori, decided they would take the plunge into the hospitality industry, combining their passion for celebrations, creativity and organisational skills to create a brand, with a core mission of creating magical memories for all its clients.


We take great pride in providing top quality customer service and ensuring that all of our experiences are truly unique, personalised and hand curated, with you in mind. We want to design celebrations that are immersive and exciting, with every theme being distinctive in its own right, allowing you to have a show stopping event in the comfort of your own home. 


We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have. 




The Bell Tent Experience Team x

Meet the Team

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Lori Brogan-Graham

Owner & Creative

I’m Lori. I love creating and delivering beautiful events.


I graduated from University in June 2020 and since then, I have worked in the family business. Over this last year of ‘Covid turmoil’ I have taken time to develop my ‘heartfelt’ business The Bell Tent Experience - this is where my passion lies.

I’ve delivered some fabulously creative and bespoke events for clients and with the at-home market becoming more innovative, I’ve loved taking the time to curate incredible experiences. 


It all feels great to me. I believe in creative expression, I believe in delivering events with absolute attention to detail and I believe in the power of my network of small female led businesses to have fun and create memories for people.

Gail Brogan

Owner & Creative

Hello there, I’m Gail and Mum!


I’m really excited about developing the Bell Tent Experience with Lori (#1 daughter) and Ellen (#2 daughter). Many moons ago, I cut my teeth in luxury retail after graduating. The values stay with you and the quest for quality and service has rubbed off on the girls!


I’ve worked with some incredibly inspiring people over the years but nothing beats working with my kids, I’m more inspired by them than anyone else. What’s not to love! I am very blessed.


Ellen Brogan-Graham

Digital Design & Photography

I’m Ellen the free-spirited one. I’m an ocean lover and keen surfer, horse fanatic and occasional cocktail aficionado! 


I don’t operate to a conventional schedule and can't plan for toffee but people say I’m pretty talented at all things creative! I’ve sold my paintings, I’ve designed websites, I’ve made jewellery and I’ve created branding for small businesses. I’m studying photojournalism at University in Falmouth supporting The Bell Tent Experience while watching the waves crash into the coastline in my camper van.

Morgan Taverner


Hi there, I’m Morgan, the muscle of the operation!


Originally from Exeter, I have spent most of my career working in corporate hospitality giving me an invaluable understanding of high end customer service and luxury experiences. When I am not helping the rest of the team lug around bell tents, rugs and cushions, you will find me on the rugby pitch or golf course. A chilled pint of beer in hand after the fact - of course!


Steve Brogan

Owner & Finance

I'm Steve... Dad! 

I look after the numbers and all things finance. I currently run three successful trading companies out of our Ascot office and have enjoyed working with The Bell Tent Experience team to develop a great little business. My passions are cricket and football, so when I am not running the numbers, I will be running between the wickets or coaching the AUFC U9 Spartans.


Client Services

Hi I'm Charlotte and I am dog mad!! 

When I'm not running around with our special helpers, Bailey & Bumble, you will find me organising beautiful experiences, chatting with our lovely clients and preparing for our exciting events. Alongside working with Lori, I also run my own little business - All Paws Pet Services. I have a lot of experience working with clients, being flexible to individual needs and building trust to look after their four-legged, furry friends! 


Our Special Helpers

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